A node is a centering point of component parts. It can be chaotic or organized, made by different materials, organic or non-organic. Music is a mixture between organic and non-organic components, organic and non-organic feelings. Interacting players are biological components of the same node and creators of different nodes in the same time in the same node. The listener watch silently the changing of them, phagocytize them as part of them. The listener, the feelings of the listener are physical parts of the node.

This process has "n" directions, "n" colors, "n" surfaces, "n" conjunctions. This is n' Ode to all of this."

Mariano Bulligan – cello, voice, live electronics

Are Lothe Kolbeinsen – prepared guitar, mbira, live electronics

Anders Tveit – Live electronics "

@ Biermannsgården 6/12-14